Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Novel about a Novel

I'm publishing a whole novel on Medium serially. It's a novel about publishing of a novel. Obviously, the idea hit me in the wake of my first novel being accepted by a great publisher.  I forgot to write about it here, a serious lapse on my side, but that's me, my habit of keeping dumb when I should be shouting out.

Yesterday I wrote my fifth instalment. And now I feel a bit exhausted. I'm a minimalist by nature, but these past few days I've knocked out 800 or so words regularly. This naturally takes its toll on my body and mood. I want to take a break now. 

The following is a list of chapters arranged sequentially in case you've not read it or jst want to take a look.

Publishing of a novel
 (How I got my book deal for my novel which I wrote back in 2000)

Serendipity and After/2
( My editor's dilemma)

Serendipity and After/3
( My publisher has a face-off with my editor)

Serendipity and After/4
(How things get sorted out and the publishing house embraces peace at last)

Serendipity and After/5
(About a Facebook post in which I was tagged)

As a writer, I'm naturally interested in knowing about the reading experience of my audience. So, please come in with your feedback. I will appreciate them. Thanking you.

Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Write a Sex Scene

If you want to write an excellent sex scene, you have to liberate it from the idea of a sex scene. Like I was saying before about violence, you have to thread sexuality through every part of a character or a person's life, rather than limiting it to a titillating few pages where something juicy happens. You have to understand that sexuality is omnipresent in your body — your entire life.

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